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For any space to feel right, all the components must work together.  That's why at Intrinsic Design Studio, our first job is always to create a cohesive design that's custom tailored, with every detail considered.

Each piece we create is not only distinctive and beautifully designed, but also extremely well crafted using high quality materials and traditional woodworking methods.  Mortise and tenon joinery, solid hardwood construction, and top quality hardware all add up to a piece that will last a lifetime.

Another one of our passions here at Intrinsic is the environment.  As much as possible we like to use reclaimed, FSC certified, or sustainably harvested materials.  That's why we are really excited to be using Paperstone for our bathroom vanity tops.  Paperstone looks and feels like stone, is more durable than Corian, and yet, is made from recycled and FSC certified paper!  It is truly an amazing material you have to see and feel to believe. 

Please contact us to arrange a free design consultation, we'd love to talk about your project.

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